29 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 9

The nomination for Perthshire will take place on Thursday next,

and the polling on Friday and Saturday. The Liberal candidate is Mr. George Stewart of Grandtully ; who undertakes to support the Government in " their course of safe, constitutional, and progressive reform." An Episcopalian himself, he thinks well of the " salutary check of Presbyteries and congregations," but on the " Intrusion" question he is not explicit. The Conservative candidate is Mr. Home Drummond, of Blair Drummond, who was in Parliament before, and Was once, if we remember rightly, Lord Advocate. He avows himself an opponent of all rash innovation, but a friend to the progress of knowledge and improvement. He speaks out on the Church ques- tion, and would confer ample powers on the Church Courts by act of Parliament " for giving effect-to the principle of Non-Intrusion."