29 JULY 1972, Page 24


Sir: Mr Maudling's departure from the Cabinet is sad for additional reasons to the ones you state.

First, because he is by nature unfanatical. At a time when pro and anti Euro-fanatics, and Irish fanatics, and trade union fanatics are stealing the political stage show, the body politic badly needs men or urbanity and worldly wisdom to exercise sane judgment. Maudling is such a man. Second, it is disappointing to note that no apparent effort has been made by his colleagues to keep him in harness. The general sentiment of other Tory leaders seems to be, "There but for the grace of God, go I." Maudling's good humour amidst personal disappointment contrasts sharply with the hypocritical aura of dutiful martyrdom that Mr Whitelaw exhibits with increasing tetchiness, as he goes about his daily task of appeasing political gangsters and murderers.

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