29 JULY 1972, Page 25

Enoch and Europe

Sir: In the Spectator's Notebook (July 22) you pick out Sir Keith Joseph as being next in line for the Premiership now that Mr Maudling has resigned. The electorate know very little about Sir Keith except that he backs Mr Heath's iniquitous Common Market policy; but this fact alone, his attachment to the Common Market, is enough to prevent his leading the country With any greater success than Mr Heath. No, Sir, we need someone with a far more dynamic personality, someone with an already established following and someone as far removed as possible from any taint of ' Heathism '. That man, as Mr Anthony Fisher writes in his letter (July 22), is Mr Enoch Powell.

If Mr Heath's failure to curb Inflation, his failure to protect the people of Ulster against terrorist invasions from across the Eire border, his contempt for public Opinion does not bring him down, he must be made to withdraw over his Common Market policy. He has failed here utterly to gain sufficient support from either Parliament or People; and no Government could plunge a country so resentful, so divided and demoralised as the UK is today into the maelstrom of Common Market politics without causing the total disintegration of British society.

Mr Enoch Powell is our only hope.

Isla M. Atherley Hazel Cottage, Charlbury, Oxford