29 JULY 1989, Page 27

Hot (sausage) dog

Sir: I have now tried the recipe for roast dachshund recommended by your corres- pondent A. Artley ('Everything but the bark', 24 June). It is not true that there is little waste on a dachshund, in fact it is not an economical table dog. I also do not think that chestnut stuffing is the best choice, being rather stodgy, and although redcurrant jelly is fairly successful, what is really needed is something to alleviate the dryness. A cream based sauce, perhaps with garlic would be ideal. All in all, not a dish to be repeated.

It has subsequently been suggested to me that the whole article was a tasteless joke. If this is so it was quite heartless of you to print it, when one thinks of the number of dogs being killed unnecessarily to try out recipes which are not tested at all, and which are in fact no good.

P. J. Angier

Yeatman's Farm, Stour Row, Near Shaftesbury, Dorset