29 JUNE 1861, Page 2

61711111111.—The Address of the Hungarian Diet to the Emperor has

been passed by the House of Magnates without a division, only one member hinting he thought the terms a little too severe. It is quite certain that the Address will not be received; and the only dispute at Vienna is, whether the Government shall still temporize or resort at once to force. The Minister of the Interior, it is said, is in favour of an appeal to the people of Hungary to send up representatives directly, but the Conn circle rely on force. The taxes are still col- lected by bands of soldiers, but the Emperor is exceedingly unwil- ling to resume a military occupation, which must destroy the last vestige of credit, and make every movement in Italy a serious danger to the empire. His Majesty has, however, sanctioned the pro- secution of five hundred town councillors of Pesth, on a charge of high treason, for signing a circular animadverting on the levy of taxes by force.

The Government of Prussia proposes that the coast of Germany should be fortified, and that eight or ten screw steam gunboats should be built and well armed, toprotect the cities on the coast from blockade by a Danish squadron. The States interested, with the exception of Hanover, have consented; but the matter must be

settled by the Diet, which has not yet decided on the command of the army. The latter question has not, we fear, been greatly accelerated by the fact that the Government of Saxe Gotha has placed its army absolutely at the disposal of Prussia, extending Prussian military law throughout the State. Constant conflicts occur in Berlin between the police and the people. The latter are disgusted with the revelations of corruption made in the Patzkoi case, and refuse to obey orders ex- cept when accompanied by a display of force. The question of investiture is not yet settled; but the Ministry who recently sent in their resignation have demanded as the condition precedent of any arrangement, that Ministers shall be made responsible to Parliament.