29 JUNE 1867, Page 1

The House of Commons passed the last clause of the

Reform Bill on Thursday, but there remain some clauses Reposed by private members, and the schedules. The private, clauses have little chance, but there will be much debate oh the schedules unless the Government give way about the six great cities ; and the Irish intend, it is said, to occupy a night with a demand for their own Reform Bill, which they will not obtain. Altogether, the Bill ought to occupy at least six more days of debate, or say another fortnight's time, but even then there will be time for the Lords to get through it before August. They intend, it is said— we do not vouch for the rumour—to make only one great alteration, namely, to extinguish the lodger franchise, which they believe will lead to universal suffrage. They had much better set precedent at defiance, and confine it to London, where alone it will be of im- portance, the House having decided that any part of a house separately rated shall be a house within the Act.