29 JUNE 1867, Page 2

The delegates of the Trades' Unions assembled in London have

passed resolutions denouncing the crimes committed at Sheffield, declaring that every Union implicated must be reconstructed, putting them in Coventry till this be done, and advising the with. drawal of the Central Association from a town so stained with crime. The resolutions are, if acted on, excellent, but the Unions should go a great deal farther than this, pass each of them a rule expelling any member guilty of intimidation of any sort whatever upon any outsider ; or upon any member, beyond the refusal to associate with him, and expulsion. Nothing short of this will put them right with the public, which is just now quite in the mood to re-enact the wretched anti-combination laws. The Unions seem to forget the vast amount of secret discontent in their own ranks, which places them absolutely at the mercy of Parliament.