29 JUNE 1867, Page 3

At the last meeting of the Council of the London

Working Men's Club and Institute Union, the Secretary, the Rev. Henry Say, who is, in fact, admitted to be the chief originator of these Working Men's Clubs which have done so much to take the sting of ignorance and narrow class-feeling out of Trades' Unions, resigned. At the same time he accepted, we believe, a seat on the Council, to which, however, he will of course be unable to devote much of that inexhaustible energy and activity so well known to the friends of the Union. The Council of the Union are very anxious to express their respect for Mr. Solly's great services, which have never been properly remunerated, in some sufficient and emphatic way. There can be no doubt that the withdrawal of Mr. Solly's multifarious activity will be in more than one way strongly felt. He intends, we believe, to devote himself chiefly to a single one of the Institutions whose union and common action he has been hitherto promoting.