29 JUNE 1956, Page 27

Country Life

BY IAN NIALL THE control of dogs on certain roads, it has turned out, is to be the worry of county authorities, and, understanding why this must be, one cannot' help but have sympathy for those who will ultimately be responsible for making dogs and their owners behave as they should. For a while I wondered just where shepherds and drovers would stand. Obviously a dog on a lead, if it happened to be a shep- herd's dog, would be no help to its master in places where its help would be particularly needed. Notices on many roads ask the motorist to beware of sheep and cows and one imagines that they have some sort of restraining effect on those who like to travel at speed. Perhaps, since straying dogs are often in nobody's charge, we may find notices put up by county councils urging us to keep an eye open for dogs. It might be amusing, but for the fearful accident figures put down to wandering dogs, not all of them ownerless.