29 JUNE 1956, Page 28

It's a Date !

Competitors were invited to compose a clerihew on any date in the calendar.

Oh! My!

Ever increasing Anno Domini!. If anyone hates February 23,

That's me.

LlEUT.-COLONEL L. R. HOGGE's 'personal effort' was typical of many who took the opportunity to air (and sometimes to be- moan) their birthdays. We learnt that it was on December 3rd that both p. M. and R. J. P. Hewison 'occurred,' and among the many entries concerning February 29 were a few whose anniversary it is. February 1st was invariably the day the pipes burst, and other popular dates included 1st January, 1st April, 1st May, 24th May, 29th June (in connection with this competition',s result), 4th July, 12th August and 5th November.

I was rather surprised that out of even as many as 282 entries there were a few which showed that the authors don't know what a clerihew is-surely this subject is dealt with on page 1 of lesson I in the Com- petitor's Primer! From the entries below, at all events, there should be no doubt left. 1 suggest prizes of : two guineas to Rhoda Tuck Pook, one guinea each to D. L. L. Clarke, Leslie Johnson and Annie Allen, and half a guinea each to Barbara Smoker and Allan M. Laing. I hope there will also be room to print the selection of near- misses-Pibwob, Joyce Johnson, A. M. Sayers, R. Kennard Davis, T. N. Storer, R. J. Hirst, L. E. Honnor, Max Hodes, Mrs. E. Campbell Allen and Frank Dunnill.



March fifteeri-the

Is very bad for the insides.

At least, it was for Julius Caesar (A particularly unfortunate geezer).


The shelf'th

The plathe for gunth till the Twelfth. Before you thtart pulling triggerth You need a head for figureth.


Whereas Trinity Sunday Is just one day,

The Sundays after Trinity Seem to stretch to infinity.


On the 25th of December We remember

Aunt Peg

(And her nest egg).


February 29, Which comes a fortnight after every fourth

St. Valentine, Is a godsend to the girl with a slow



August 8 Is a significant date.

I find, after consulting some men, That nothing happens then.

COMMENDED (Pluwoa) On the 21st June Summer commences-soon, To show how summary that season is, we say The 24th is Midsummer Day.


On October the 24th Some nations in the west and north Are supposed to get excited Over the fact that they're called United.


When September the third Never occurred There was quite a hullabaloo In 1752.


To me, the 1st of October

Merely suggests that Summer is over. It conveys a nuance far less pleasant To the pheasant.


Remember 5th November, When every member Nearly ceased to be An MP.

(H. J. HIRS1) s;

The 24th of May Is still known as Empire Day.

Might we not celebrate our shrunken power With an Empire Hour?


On November Five, Firework-makers thrive.

No doubt, they'd do even better

It' Lord Monteagle hadn't received that letter

(Max ttoncS) I really can't say What it is abourthe 3rd of May, only have one fear that it won't come round one year.


I like to remember

The Fourteenth of September,

Because if 1 hadn't been born I should feel very forlorn.


22nd November (Thanksgiving Day)

If the Americans may Give thanks upon this day

For the providential turn of events which took them from us, across the sea,

May not we?