29 JUNE 1956, Page 7

RECENTLY I WAS shown a publicity hand-out for Moral Rearmament,

reprinted from the Daily Herald of June 4. It was the usual 'wean of self-praise for Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman by Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman, full of such stories as how he brought peace to the Japanese Diet, and how MRA, having solved the problems of Tunisia and Morocco, is now waiting to do the same for Algeria—when the French see the light. I thought it odd that even the Daily Herald should have com- missioned such an article; and I looked up the issue of June 4 to check. As I expected, in the reprint Dr. Frank N. D. Buch- man had left out two words : Advertiser's Announcement. Now, it is not uncommon for advertisers to try to disguise their advertisements as `feature stories'; in fact it is being done in- creasingly often. But advertisers do not boast, as MRA does in this hand-out, that they stand 'for a new thinking forged by living absolute moral stflondards.' Nor do they claim that one of those standards is 'absolute honesty.'

* *