29 MARCH 1963, Page 16


S111,--In my report on Venezuela. 1 cited from an article by Mr. Dennis H. Wrong- titled 'The American Left and Cuba' (Commentary, February, 1962). The entire passage from which I quoted reads as follows :

The explanations offered for Castro's failure to hold elections are on the whole reasonable : the Revolution has been unquestionably popu- lar with a large majority of the Cuban people, and few revolutionary governments, including the one headed by George Washington, have held elections until considerable time elapsed after they came to power.

Since publication of my report, it has been pointed out to me that 1 was less than fair to Mr. Wrong, since on the whole his article represented a sharp attack on the pro-Castro sector of the Ameri- can left. This is true and Mr. Wrong most cer- tainly is not pro-CaStro. If my citation unwittingly gave that impression, I am glad to make the correc- tion. However, my quotation is accurate. Even within- the context of Mr. Wrong's article, his view represents a serious concession to the Castro sym- pathisers whose 'populist totalitarianism' he other- wise decried.