29 SEPTEMBER 1984, Page 24

Breaking the mole

Sir: Your contributor P.J. Kavanagh (Post- script, 8 September) asks for a remedy against moles.

I have. in my long time, tried many elaborate schemes for disposing of these

pests, none of which would work. I finally found a simple remedy, and one which does the rather likeable mole only the inconvenience of moving house.

There are on the market several dres- sings for killing worms. With a tin of one of these sprinkle the lawn well. In a day or so the lawn will be sprinkled with dead worms. And the moles will have gone away. Permanently. Unharmed; but hungry.

Group Captain Leslie Bonnet, RAF (Retd.)

Ymwlch Fawr, Criccieth, Caernarvonshire