29 SEPTEMBER 1984, Page 7

A Futcha 4 Britun

By the standards of Sun readers, Anthony McQuone is a genius, not least because he can quote Shakespeare. 'To be or not be' he says; and 'Now is the winter of our discontent'. He is two years old. 'Perhaps a child's mind can perceive things we cannot' explains the father of the 'mini-mastermind'. The child is described as an 'expert on Latin' by the Sun because he is being taught directly by an invisible ancient Roman with a van Dyke beard and 'caliga' on his feet (the Sun says 'caliga' are sandals) called Adam. It is apparently Adam who has taught Anthony to disting- uish between 200 different makes of cars he can tell a Rolls from a Hispano Suiza and to know that Severiano Ballesteros is the world's best golfer, while Viv Richards is a much better cricketer than Ian Botham. Anthony also hates Terry Wogan, and dislikes Arthur Scargill 'be- cause Adam told me he makes policemen hit people'. But Mrs Thatcher, says Adam, is 'bonum'. How nice to have her unfemi- nine qualities confirmed from the Other Side.