2 MARCH 1929, Page 1

At a luncheon of the British Export Society on Tuesday

Mr. F.' W. Goodenough (who is Chairman Of 'the Govern. menu` Committee On &ideation for Salesmanship as well as President of the Export Society) spoke on some principles of salesmanship. He said that though poli- ticians were always trying to discover the political pill that would bring about a revival of trade, what industry really needed was gelf7help..:'' He 'reftiSed to believe that the 7 great work" of . the Melehett;.turner Conference would fail to &educe Seine lasting benefit.- But apart from industrial' peace, Which was an indispensable condition of progress, the principal need was an improve- ment in the methods of marketing goods abroad. Sales- manship—" the _very core of "eomnierce-"=Must begin in the board-room, control both factory and transport, and continue in service after sales had been completed.