2 MARCH 1929, Page 1

We haire referred elsewhere to the alleged Franco-- Belgian Secret

Treaty, the latest abortion of that modern Minerva, propaganda. What was to fie-gained by flying this kite just now remains obscure.: It' may be that some Power is interested in preVenting- a -Settleinent: of the long-standing waterways dispute between -Belgium and Holland. On the other hand there is good reason to believe that the dissident Flemish- party has engineered the embarrassment as a stick with which to beat the Belgian' GoVernment; But the Plaminganis who resent French, hegemony are,- as it happens, only too anxious to remain on the- best -of terms -with the -Dutch. Probably the explanation is that the mischief-makers arc still very unskilled in the use of their shillelagh.