2 MARCH 1929, Page 16



Sia,—Your correspondent, Mr. Emanuel:(Spectotor, February 23rd) cannot classify me as a fanatical follower of the Humane Killer, as I am still using the pole-axe. Mr. Weinberg's machine at the preliminary test in 1924 did not hreak down. This being the first experiment, the operator revolved the machine in the wrong direction.

Mr. Emanuel states that long before Mr. Weinberg's machine was evolved the Shechita Board was blamed for not adopting it This is not true. It has taken Mr. Weinberg years of tiresome negotiations and journeys to London to induce the Board to test his machine. Such a test has not yet taken place. Twice did the machine go to Islington and twice has Mr. Weinberg failed to get a fair test. He has experienced boycotts, strikes, wilful damage and above all a diplomatic action by his opponents to have the. test defeated.

If the Board are really anxious to assist in evolving a more humane method of casting, how does Mr. Emanuel account for all the hardship and persecution Mr. Weinberg is now under- going in Leeds ? Why was he compelled on December 2nd, 1928, to shoot the annuals ? Three Shoehetim were present at the demonstration, but none of them would irerforin Shechita because they had not hid instructions to do so. Was it in- tended to boycott him ?

I understand that the President of the Lee& Shechita Board would not permit his Shochetim-to cut becauae he had not had instructions from the London Shechita BOaid. Several wires Were dispatched to the President of the tandon Shechita Board, asking him to instruct the Leeds Board to permit their Shochetim to perform, but without result. Everyone at the demonstration including myself was grieved to note the mental torture and suffering Mr. Weinberg was undergoing while per- forming in a most heroic manner.

The London Shechita Board have been invited on several occasions to see the machine at work in Leeds; but they refuse to be represented at any demonstration. Do they fear that the machine may work in such a satisfactory manner that they will have no further excuse for not using it ?

I again repeat what I said at the demonstration, that it is most unfair of the Jewish peOPle, at whoSe invitation Mi. Weinberg has devoted his life to evolve a better method casting, that they should oppose him by all possible means.

Mr. Emanuel states that the butcheia were driven to the wall. Are they not justified ? Why should we English_ butchers be compelled to adopt the humane killer while the Jews can still practise cruel casting, especially when the religious plea doei not apply to casting ? Why should we English butchers be accused of crueltieS with the 'pole-axe when every butcher knows that more cruelties occur in casting by the Jewish method than ever could occur while pole-axing by our method ? Again, why should the Jews oppose in practice the adoption of a new casting method, while officially at the same time they are supposed to welcome it ? I am glad to note that at last Mr. Emanuel has definitely stated the three main contentions of the Board, and while I do not agree with the first, I do hope that they are sincere in the second, and I am looking forward to the third being matured at an early