2 MARCH 1929, Page 17


[To the Editor of the Spiec-rvroa.]

Sut,—In the " News of the Week " of your last issue, who- ever wrote the note on the Vatican solution seems to think that the term " Catholic " is confined entirely to the Roman branch of the Church. To us who belong to the truly Catholic Church—" the Holy Church throughout all the world "—such an assumption is offensive and savours of ignorance oh the part of the writer of the note, who apparently does not know the meaning of the word " Catholic."

I am surprised that in a paper such as the Spectator this narrow-minded view was allowed to go to press, and as a reader I enter my protest against being excluded from the Catholic Church, and there are many who think as I do.—I

[We agree that in this country " Catholic " should not be used exclusively of the Church of Rome. In the sentence referred- to by- our correspondent, he would be included as " Catholic."—En. Spectator.]