2 MARCH 1929, Page 18

[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] .

SIR,-With reference to the query raised by M. G. VD. T. in thq Spectator of February 23rd re Bird's Drinking Water, -I have' several times come across references to the efficacy of honey and water as an anti-freeze mixture, although I should say I have never experimented with it myself. " The following is an extract from a letter by Mr. John N. Rothero of Pennsylvania to the American Bee Journal of January, 1925. " I want to say a word on the subject of honey and water antifreeze. I have been pretty busy supplying it to the motorists here in Du Bois, and it seems to give universal satisfaction. . . . I soon saw that the only way to sell it was in solution 50-50, boiled five minutes and skimmed both hot and cold."—I am, Sir, &c.,

Coniston, Warwick Road, Solihull. W. P. W. ALLDAY.