2 MARCH 1929, Page 19


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR,-The Committee of the Scottish National Memorial to David Livingstone have pleasure in intimating that the work of transforming the house and grounds at Blantyre, the birth-place of the missionary-explorer, into a worthy memorial and a place of pilgrimage is now nearing completion. Arrange- ments are being made for the opening ceremony in early summer. One of the numerous attractive features of the Memorial is a museum in which will be exhibited objects asso- ciated with Dr. Livingstone at different periods of his life. A considerable number of imere_sting articles have already been generously donated or lent for the purpose.

The Committee believe that there may be other relics in the possession of private individuals, and they will be glad to hear from anyone who will be willing to present what they have to the museum or to lend them for the special occasion of the opening of the Memorial. The articles most suitable are such as have a direct personal connexion with Livingstone. All exhibits entrusted to the Committee will be carefully safe- guarded, and those sent on loan will, in due course, be safely returned• to the owners. All communications should be sent to Rev. 3. I. Macnair, Melrose.-I am, Sir, &c., • JAMES I. MAGNATE, Chairman. The Scottish National Memorial to David Livingstone, Melrose: