2 MARCH 1929, Page 2

* * * * Public attention is still focussed on

the Spanish stale- mate. King Alfonso, despite the many rumours, is not at all likely to. drop the pilot," for the very good reason that he himself had sinned against the Constitu- tion before General Primo de Rivera became Dictator. If he. separated from the Dictator now he would not thereby be freed from the charges which the nation as a whole has against him., General Primo de Rivera is obviously at a loss to know how to stem the rising tide of opposition. His latest measures, with one exception, seem unaccountably stupid. The exception is the decree disbanding the whole Corps of Artillery. The Dictator ought to have taken this bold step two years ago ; • for this was, in-fact, the only possible solution of the artillery officers' conflicting loyalties. Released from their original oath to King and regimental tradition, they can now honourably accept the system of promotion by merit— which is obviously in their own best interests—and when rejoining, as many of them have already done, can take the oath to King and Dictator.