2 MARCH 1929, Page 2

* * The Centre refused Point-blaiik to agree to the

claim of the GerMan People'S Party to two MiniStries in the Prussian Diet. Moreover, the Centre itself wanted three Ministries in the Reich instead of the one with which it had hitherto had to be content: In addition to thiS dispute about the diStribution of portfolios, there are several agitating proPosals for the revision of the Weimar Constitution. The Stahlhehn-,–the organization of ex- service men, which is said to have millions of members— has taken a strong stand for Constitutional reform. Such a " political demand by " aii ostensibly non-political body " naturally caused some 'embarrassment to Marshal von Hindenburg, who is a patron of the Stahlhelm. It seems, however," that the President has accepted the explanation's of a deputation -from the Stahlhelm.