2 MARCH 1929, Page 20

In Archbishop Davidson and the English Church, Mr. Sidney Dark

has put together a book that is chiefly valuable for the numerous quotations from the Primate's utterances. Mr. Dark is aware that he is presenting the public with the picture 'ern figeoi. More than usually inlpfessive, " a strong man, sincere, steadfast, perhaps limited in sympathy, certainly incapable -of alWaya Understanding the signcance of novel movements and unusual -demands, but never failing in his eagerness to serve the nation and the Church." The picture he drawO is -even more impressive he -realizes ; for, all through, Mr. Dark's vision is obieured by the narrower conception of the English Church that he himself holds. Lord Dairidion-has understood the true genius of the Church of England as few men have understood it. But this • difference of view hardly accounts for a failure to recognize the profound significance of the Archbishop's action at the time of the General Strike, nor for glaring errors of fact, such as the assertion an` P. 160 that the Church Assembly was created by Parliament. The book is published by Messrs. Philip Allan at 8s. 6d.