2 MARCH 1929, Page 20

Lord Ronaldshay tells us in a preface that Mr. David

Macdonald, the author of The Land of the Lama (SeeleY, Serviee, 21s.) saved the Dalai Lama's life in 1909 and that during his sixteen years as British Trade Agent at G3iantie and Yana* he has acquired more knowledge than any other foreigner of the internal politics and domestic life of Tibet. The book completely justifies Lord Ronaldshay's recommendation, Mr. Macdonald's account of the great monasteries near Lhaisa, one with 8,000 priests, another with 5,000 and a third with 30300 is very interesting, and there is also much information, never previously published, of the habits of the ascetic monks who immure themselves for their whole lives in stone Cells. There are a number of good illustrations, including one from His Serenity the Dalai Lama with an autograph inscription to the author. We, who are opposed to the barbarous trapping of fur-bearing animals,_ should note that the Grand Lama, representing Northern Buddhism, has issued an edict forbidding the practice. Our public opinion is behind that of Tibet in this regard.

* * * *