2 MARCH 1929, Page 20

Those who love fine printing will delight in Mr. A.

F. Johnson's charming selection of One Hundred Title-Pages, 1500-1800 (Lane, 15s.), arranged according to countries, With an introduction. Germany comes first, notable for the handsome engraved borders of its sixteenth-century books. Next stands Italyt. with the faint:Mc Aldine title promkent among many artistic pages ; the Italian printer* .were often successful with type alone, though their deiHees were attractive. The French title-pages often had frames, but here, again, simple arrangements of type gave the most satisfying results.. English and Scottish printer.; borrowed from the great Continental schools in turn, but first rose to a high standard with Foulis and Baskerville, whose plain title-pages, as in the Glasgow Iliad, are perfect of their kind. Our publishers and printers have made great progress of late years, but they might learn a good deal from this. adithrable set of fine examples. After all, the title-page of a book counts

for much.