2 MARCH 1929, Page 3

* * *

This speech gave Mr. Churchill exactly the material he needed for on his supremacy in debate, and he swooped on to it greedily. Mr. Snowden had displayed " archaic malignity " towards one section of Irishmen, whereas he himself was the very apostle of impartiality. Had he not proved his impartiality by exposing himself to a rebuff in refusing the full claims of the Irish Loyalists ? And he would show his impartiality once again on the morrow when he would make an announcement on the coinage in Ireland which would be distasteful to Northern . Ireland. As an impartial man he was now merely pleading the cause of those working men who happened to live in Ulster. Their benefits would all be jeopardized if Northern Ireland were treated as a separate unit. The Labour members from the Clyde succumbed in a body to Mr. Churchill's logic. They saw that the Government's policy alone could save them from having the Clyde district invaded by Irish immigrants in search of full benefits. Mr. Samuel's resolution sailed through.

* * * *