2 MARCH 1929, Page 3

An unpremeditated rift appeared in the Labour Party in the

House of Commons on Tuesday when the Unemployed Insurance Acts were discussed in their relation to Northern Ireland, Mr. A. M. Samuel proposed a financial resolution on which would be based a Bill for continuing the Agree- ment of 1926. Great Britain would be enabled to continue to help Northern Ireland to meet the deficit on the Unemployment Insurance Fund. On the other hand, the Government. of Northern Ireland would repay by instal- ments the .debt of 18,424,000 incurred before the Agreement. The repayment would relieve the Treasury of a yearly interest charge of £113,000. Mr. Snowden made the acid comment that the Ulstermen wanted, as usual, to be bribed into loyalty. As for the Government, they merely. wanted to tie up their successors so that these payments to the " Tories' friends " would be taken on as an obligation.