2 MARCH 1929, Page 48

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The twenty-fourplates in colour are a special feature of The Dutch School. of Painting (The Medici Society, 10s: 6d.), reproducing, many. of the test-known ,mattespieees; several of them at present on view in Burlington House. But 14r. S. C. Kaines Smith's text has many merits. It embraces the _whole school and not only the great names in it, and while Rembrandt, Hats, Vermeer, Pieter de Hooch, Terborch, Jan Steen and the like. are adequately appraised, there are judicious remarks on lesser masters like Nicholaes Pickenoy. Sibereehts, Michael Sweerts and others which give the book a critical distinction. Or, again, we might mention the excellent couple of pages. on the art of .Meindert ,Hobberns as an example of ongmal appreciation-. The individual estimates might have been better arranged, but they could not be better in themselves. They are never pretentious and they are often shrewd.