2 MARCH 1929, Page 48

General Knowledge Questions

OUR weekly prize of one guinea for the best thirteen Questions submitted is awarded this week to Mrs. Gillespie, The Rectory,

Clonlara; Litifelick, for the- lcilloiving - - - . -Questions on Women of the Bible

. . .

1. What two _women called heir sons manes meaning " Son of my sorrow " and " Sorrowful " ?

.2. What woman's: destiny depended on whether she offered to draw water for a. stranger's camels, or not ?

3. Name tivo women who first met their future husbands at wells ?

. . 4. Naine two women to whom their husband confessed he had committed murder.

5. Name a prophetesi who went to battle. 6. What woman made herself queen by . destroying the seed royal ?

7. What woman saved one who later -became ' king -by - hiding him ?

8. What king's wife was told by a prophet her son would die when she entered the city ? .

-0: What Voraari asked her father for springs of water ?

10. (1) Women of whose father it was said he " had no sons,

but daughterrii'i (2):a new law Made irr.Oonstrqunce aWhose wife sdvised -her -husbaad ,to "curse Girl and :die." ? e. "What woman --Caused the Murder of an innocent -Man to

please a whim of her husband's

13. What woman saved much bloodshed by prompt action and liberality ?

Answers will be found on page viii.