2 MARCH 1929, Page 52

* * a * ROLLS ROYCE. _

It is always satisfactory to record any tendency to resist foreign control over important British industries, and I am glad, therefore, to note that at the recent annual meeting of Rolls Royce, Ltd., the chairman, in referring to the national character of the company, said that while the directors had no desire to interfere with the free market in their shares they were determined that the voting control must remain in the hands of British citizens. The Report presented to the meeting was a good one showing an increase in the Consolidated Reserve Fund of 150,000 'from the 1927 accounts, while there is now to be a further allocation to that Fund of /40,000. The profit for the year permits a dividend of 8 per cent. and

bonus of 2 per cent., with a carry forward of £64,655.