2 MARCH 1929, Page 52

CLERICAL tItmc,st,

The:clerical and Medical and General Life Assurance Soeiet =now owned' by the _Employers' Liability insithince Corps ation—pursues the course of publishing its Report at t meeting, and the figures submitted last week by the ehairm Mr. Francis E. J. Smith, were of a thoroughly satisfacto _cha; a :ter. He was able to state that the earning power of t Society promises a fresh record in profits distribution when ti time arrives at the end of 1930. The Society values contracts on the low basis of 21 per cent. interest, but in spi of that fact- it earned last year £4 17s. 5d. per cent. aft deduction of Income Tax:. The rate earned last year 4s. 8d. per cent. above that earned in the last 'quinquenni a 'circumstance which certainly justifies a hopeful feeling wi regard to the outlook.