2 MARCH 1929, Page 52


Satisfactory progress is indicated in the latest Report of the Pearl Assurance Co. The Industrial branch business is now valued on a 21 per cent. basis, and including 186,296 brought forward, a surplus of £445,630 is shown. In the Ordinary branch valued on a 3 per cent. Hm basis, there is a surplus of £911,161, inclusive of £73,798 brought forward. and a simple reversionary bonus of 46s. per cent. is declared: Out of a total surplus of £1,356,791 there.is distributed to participating policy-holders £617,375, while £429,344 is placed to Profit and Loss, and £100,000 to Staff Pension Fund, carrying forward £210,072. The funds last year increased by ,01.6,000, and at the end of the year stood at 153,582,009-.