2 MARCH 1929, Page 52


. The Report of the past year of the Scottish Widows' Fund and Life Assurance Society shows that the net new sums assured for last year amounted to £3,173,220, the net new busi- ness exceeding that of the previous year by 1509,031. The Premium Income was £1,780,401, and the total income £3,130,578, while the total outgoings of £2,414,863 showed a surplus amounting to £715,710 of income over outgoings. The Assurance and Annuity Fund at the end of the year totalled £27,577,062, exclusive of the. Reserve Fund of £350,000. The average rate of interest on the Fund was £5 lls. per cent., subject to tax. Expenses and commission together amounted to £209,213, representing. 11.75 per cent. of the Premium revenue, or 6.68 per cent. of the total revenue.