2 MAY 1840, Page 1

Colonel Horous, the representative of the British Government at Alexandria,

is on the worst terms with MtammEr Ala. Acting under Lord PoNsomtv's instructions, he offered passports to the officers and seaman of the Turkish fleet, delivered up to Munrauvr by AlcunD Paeha, to return to Constantinople. The immediate consequence was a proclamation by MEntEmr.T prohibiting on pain of death the departure of any officer or seaman, and the installation of Ammo Pasha in the chief command of the Turco-Egyptian fleet. It is said that this act had excessively incensed the Porte, and that an immediate attack upon the Egyptians was threatened.

Another cause of anger with England was the interruption given by the British fleet to the passage of several hundreds of Albanian recruits to Alexandria. On learnittg this, .Mint nailer told Colonel llonaus he would produee a revolt its Albania and Asia Minor : to which menace the Colonel is reported to have replied—" If yosi persist in the use of language of this nature, England will pul- verize you ere three months expire." The Egyptian ruler, how- ever, would not be easily pulverized, lie is indefinigable in his warlike preparations, and has 200,000 men under arms.