2 MAY 1840, Page 1

The King of Naples has :tece._:tel the proffered mediation of

France in the dispute with England ; nor, however, until many Neapolitan merchantmen had been captured by British vessels of war. The number of captures has been stated as high as

fifty ; which is probably exaggerated. The ..1foraiii„:,, Citron/de reports that ten vessels under Neapolitan colours had been taken by the Hydra. The Neapolitan vesels at Malta were under embargo.

The malecontents of' Sicily, who are numerous though feeble,' had entertained the chimerical notion of establishing their inde- pendence with the aid of England, and with Prince CnAnr.Es of Capita for their King. The now probable accommodation of the Sulphur quarrel will crush these hopes, and subject those who may have avowed them to the vengeance of their legitimate despot.