2 MAY 1840, Page 1

The marriage of the Duke on. NEmoznis with the Princess

VIt; TORIA of Saxe Coburg, celebrated in Paris on Monday night, with little pomp, was accompanied by an act of amnesty. The poli- tical offenders excluded front the benefit of Count Mor,f;'s amnesty of the 8th May 1837, are now to receive the benefit of it. This is a popular measure, advantageous to TRIERS as well as the King.

It is said that the new Minister shows unequivocal signs of par- tiality to "the Left." He has offered a vacant Judgeship in the Court of Cassation to DUPONT (de PEure)' the first Keeper of the Seals under King Louts PHILIPPE; to whom on one occasion, he is reported to have given the lie direct—" Sire, VOUS mentez."

The Chamber of Deputies, by an overwhelming majority, voted a million and a half of francs for continuing the blockade of Buenos Ayres; and it is said that a large reinforcement will be immedi- ately sent to the French squadron ofr that city.

The campaign against ADD•EL..KADER in Africa has been com- menced. The Duke of Ont.EANs and the Duke D'AumALE have joined the army.