2 MAY 1840, Page 11


TO THE Eneroa m"rin: SPECTATOR. is singular (hat, whilst upon this subject there is in Englanul so much difference of opinion amongst able men, all the recent writers upon Cur- rency in Prance and America, (as CoNov, Racumr, CAREY, LE MAITRE, &e.) should be agreed that deposits in the Bank of England are money or currency, to the same extent as the circulation of the Bank. It strikes me that the disagreement arises, sometimes, from mixing up with the stub- Th.fnk fmt ra.: et at all times a call for ' s idea to much of her embarrass- . 'if. the curn twe it• 18;16-7 and 1839

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Bank. But in estimmIe.: •Ions th 5 ' of the currency,

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