2 MAY 1840, Page 11

BURIAL Or By 'clic EST1BT.ISILED C1.1.:11G1. 7 .

OCCASIONALLY complaint,: are midi. of the refus:d of clergymen

to read the burial-si-rvic.. Ole Cottrell of England at the funerals

of Dissenters. .1 k-Nse ;;,- recenth:. '1 toter, where the ag- grieved party appli:;(1 t,, re. reAle,•--,. 1)r. 1'IIILL1'OTTI5 declined to intert',. •, once he had llk hl he stated reason.. declining to Intr.\ at the • t ;tool', ells to a correspond- -; hi'. SNCLL; wherein els !le, Establishment in • ,•I duo rite of' baptism

1)1'. AlmAms "lam or 1,-

(lie burial- service on • • been p/rfiemw.1 jut Its • • e 011 the grotty,: ;•: pertbrtned. " hiitt (lilt not tf•iy':, him for hi- - peals to hay.

" The 01.1%. •:• shistical 1,.•%%•111

det'ision of ils,

might rev( • .

Thus the pro... Courts was oil', also, that ti clergyman,

bury, had h Father, i:111.1 01' th been omitted, or S: funeral-ser, •, , -1 This is the remedy 1-; their own. T; are now At; ' fees which

Ill) incon.ider be sure, their e. consecration, :

One practi(TI ministers zind hi - registering births Registrar noW journals. If t , may rid thene,e1 cause, and lx",otts: ; as they are in lust -• ceremonial cif the Est the rites pertbrinerl by ill, ' to the consequences of 1111.i \ ,.!e-y-Gener.d. and

• 1. 1...J1'1:ELY:S.-- IA l't.1.11--1,■g to read having. qu:slton its dB- ' si by whom it was

, !I ■ granted 41g1tilaSt co..pliz:111.!e,


. ill the Eecle- . \Vicky's. II lied that the ‘• CAM:BF:EL."

v. Wickes tribunal. ,itt th., Ecclesiastical. It will be observed elds his opini;,:i :Igainst the H. h., refusrd to

• • name of the [Lel this rite (1.;nial of the

• 1. -,zcnters have (A.m.-tales of' burial-grounds 1 versal The ..!.; then form '.::. 'cr.:. To Episeval -0, by 11;shops, by their own - I hv the act for :.'..leate of the ; Cront the parish- ' ".N.‘ticotiformiSt8 1,1...son may 'sit of buriid 1,er after the ,-.1t.;;Le!.. :•ior efficacy to

!he Church must submit ween two opini