2 MAY 1840, Page 13

MAY MOlt. N.

A Vt.:HON.

Shame be to hint that sits at home and thinks, While all the busy world is out a-Maying ; Better by far, npon the flowery brinks

Of streams, that babble as they run, be straying.

It is but one brief hour ogonc,

Since, with her cloudy mantle on, And deek'd with brighter jewels than e'er shone Amid the tresses of an earthly bride,

The fair Aurora I descried,

As up the mountain's steepy side

She flew, as though her soul were in her feet, High on the topmost verge her lingering lord to meet. Ilad you but seen the glow of lovely red, As o'er lagr cheek time briJit suffusion spread,

And marked her look of 'innocent delight.

'When first his radiant forehead :not her sight. You would Intro deemed your happiness complete, And all the pa,-,..antrv and stile That on ah0:111kii nanarolts wait,

Thenc,forth a shallow mock, r% and a cheat.

From his imperial ear the ,od.de?,el. noted, And with surpa,sina dignity and grace, Like some 1:,11 slat or strooping froin its base,

Advanced is ith mop to her embrace. One nuns; tit more, and side hy side They sat—the toot:in-oh and his timid,'. . The heavenly car movi.d on, not unattended, For smiling Plenty hoverud

Alai Joy and Love were then., and Mirth, with half-cloml eye. I saw no more : for 'mill the Maze,

The dazzling lustre of encircling rays, As toward the zenith the bright goat of day

Pursued his glittering way, The glorious vision ended. Anil I returned, to tell in verse

Of scenes which, fitly to rehearse, Itlight task the loftiest powers of him Who snug of heaven's proud eheimbbn,

And first to our astonisli'd even, In strains which for their purpose bight Men " will not willingly let die," Unveird the charms of Paradise.