2 MAY 1840, Page 3

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Iti the Bail Court. im S timrdes • • V. ..mtl a Common

ury were oeenpied ii ith the tri 11 1-■ Mr. lbw -

den, to receiver for hits' pee,,lisbeel 111 die Tzmcs of tilt t2th and 14th December 1838. The alleged libels were reports of pro- ceedings at the Hatton Garden Police-office, where Hawden was ac- cused of endeavouring to extort tummy from a Mr. Pardy by threaten- ing him with charges of criminal offences. It was proved that the reports were substantially correct ; but no "justification" was pleaded, and the Court directed the Jury to return a verdict for the plaintiff. The Jury asked whether they were compelled to give their verdict for the plaintiff even though convinced that the report was bond fide and for the public good? Mr. Justice Williams said, that such certainly was the law. A verdict was then given for the plaintiff, with a farthine. damages ; but the Foreman said the Jury "yielded only to the compul- sion of the law." Mr. Iluntirey, for the defendant, applied to the Judge to deprive the plaintiff of his t. tsts by certifying that the damages were under forty shillings. Justice Williams thought that Lord Denman's act had made the certificate unnecessary. Mr. Ihnefrey informed the Court that that bill had not yet receivea the Royal assent. The Judge then said he would consider the applica:ien. In the same Court, on Tuesday, Mr. Smirke applied for a rule call- ing upon Captain Erie. a Maeistrate for the county of Cornwall, to show cause why a criminal information should not be filed against him. It appeared from the affidavits sn which the motion was founded, that the Reverend Mr. Gower, also a Magistrate of the county, in the month of Decenfter lest tatended a Petty Sessions where Captain Erie pre- sided, and that the latter not only refused to act with him as a Magis- trate, but, alter striking. him, ordered hint to quit the room immediately. Justice Williams refused to grant a rule, on the ground of the length of time that lets eltipst.d since the transaction. On Thursday. Si:. Frek trielt Bolleek applied for a rule to show cause why John Thorogoed, imerisoned in Chelmsford Gaol under a writ often/Nemec capiendo, should not be discharged. The application was grounded on technical informalities in the writ,—suth as the intro- duction of words not directed to be inserted by the act under which the proceedings tool. place; and the omission of the allegation that the validity of the rate was divitted, which NUB necessary in order to bring the case within the jurisdiction of the Ecclesiastical Courts, the sum demanded of Thorogo•el being snider 10/. Mr. Justice Williams said that, under these eircumsetneee, he must grant the rule nisi.