2 MAY 1840, Page 4

Fire men. on board of the ship felana, arrived in

the Thames from Singspere. taken into custody on Saturday morning, by orders from the Hums t 'elev. They were sent home as prisoners, and are the BritiAt ,e-enien engaged in the affray at Hong-Kong, in which one of the I-. biatec 'ras killed, for whose death Commissioner Lin so per- tinaciously clemetel,....1 reparation. Their story is thus narrated in the

btrocid, —

" On the 4th tie .T a lad, the an" .!..• .Nary of American independence, seve- ral American st..:17,t11 V.cut admre to ,:o7..11 village, where they got drunk, and eee ,,h the I A Or committIng many acts Of disorder, they !,..!" • ; t. :■1 with some British seamen, to whom, 'lolaetier, with the exception of one of his pugilistic prowess, and ciallism:s.1 to iti.t rev it a la 1'1 a British ship, accompanying his chant 1J.. ' 11 'a ta The 1ttttitm -cemoen did not offer to

!no:, e. • • : lcnt a week lifter, litaring that he

,ailors went after him, with a do.

.11 .:. • .nothion country, to fight him, if he ,1‘,!—:ry. When they got upon the ,eamen met the Americans , :sting ' Baltimore Tom.' flte which they said they feel and beaten. 'they stated

t:.: c • r Chinese place of worship, and

• . acid The British seamen proceialed .ii, than the Chinese, believiv . • ho had just committed the rat- mm a most brutal manner. The ,are conflict, succeeded in dsfcat- ,,,is,a1 them to fly in all directions. H cc Mg this affray. .% seamin had Cl,inese, and ea,. carried by A Chimer:cm who received it retail .!II, brAly 50t-4 expo.sceil by the ii et, anti an Engliall setunan was ibj,ct ; a demand which could not a.: the :Y.gre:isors, and it wns not his di.th.

of the unfortunate lOur- :LI the Engli-h hi vi: Los scmora. 13 . tv •

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