2 MAY 1840, Page 5

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powers granted to the Commission which passed it, it was altogether incom- petent, on the part of the Commission to carry it into execution ; the in- struction of the General Assteohly having specially interdicted the Commis- sion from taking sucha t p u lore t he inferior judicatory refuses to obey.

"6. Because, in von. sia.. eve of the Commission having itself thus violated the laws oti the Ceureb, mot liss than the law of the land, scenes the most deeply to he deplored, as they. MI, et the peace, piety, and character of the Country, have oceurroi set. are occurring in the district of Strathbogie—laying she foundation of lastiiaa. men's minds front the great troths and obiigatiess ‘.1.• pit ret oil uto1,111 religion, and grievously

wounditig tlo pc.ce ' tha to‘crolliess of pastors hitherto respected and txli,ved by their :Ind mail they committed the alleged spiritual

offence of oteeney tec ere. /es its,e, ;11 this esteon and confidence of all intrusted to their ',ash,. al t ere. " 7. Because the slissen it tit-, awl con:pi:liners—if thase illeg...11 and ecclesias-

tically incompetent persi-tod H---eitimoi look foroard to any other

result titan the Ott, r over:Mies. m Nal ional of 1•3;o11ttud ; fully per- suaded as they are lieu t if the tee.' icheial A -aci'. lv,h;d1 proceed to confirm

the sehteuee '1,11 1,11 Vral.:1001110£1 whose

only crime Is 111)1,14 I. k: 1.2 Is r ojvsty's courts of jus- tice, her alajest;•s b.,. 1,, the: Assead,ia :sal hod it his duty to dis- solve that ccli sitS• 1.t..•

' 1.1 It.CVCrinal Dr. Bryce, . ;: •o .1 to the disturbed parishes, les Cbt •, in ins pee, rs tosumed by this ent It St as it tees stands to the

ere .1 it the bar of the next General i comaisin,

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m. to smaiso to be brought.

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at is the' ,eine :trite-ale: so he is • 0 Koos,, Lena 'v.

s 1,L111 17I .:11.11:stets and by • :•.1 elders of the regard for the • .!ting her from , it nece:.stiry • i.;' the land, by tathetit 011 the lea down by the lieve, that it!

• of our Church, .1 one of this '. and desiring, oo isr,I., and to the iie• l'etelit C011- inciali121'S tit ItSe • I, sitticlu. to be de- pltronage. we Chur.-ii that every ,s v: from ineamire, .yet 'phonons, in to necom-

_tee Ihitelless moisi property left I oet•iss• to her in A Hand entitled oneatalf'of the hutch's , • •,,,, likewise o- by been (it- 'lit Court of' ,t1 her elebti al" her fie hiss's i•oii t4• the rents,

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peace oeuld s se while the joliee esso ,■11:1,1 iii deli...144i 1.1 I it' st I; 1 " For

Asscuild,■, tic It is not CX.tv.1, nor at their nest A oe of the Comm: • e . that the and rielits Dr. Chain, fixed up •., a parted. e i11. Dr. 11111 minis ••• 11,• and • , s lee • ' set to-••• A ' .• : The 262 eead. s " - Chureli t vielfare et tie: is! r

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