2 MAY 1840, Page 7

A " 1 ' has 1) en pi:le:Ink a la sloily.

the - (him ittme constitutional feinst-, taught in mi.forlmte•s and :at a..1,:iripg• auditor tu. the Engli;th Parliamentary t1,1■11e,,, ro,-pc‘t ,Later or treaties of alliance and comm,ree we may, on the o: J:Ii.tatage, contract NV it it f(111 Igit 11:111011,.

" to arms : Let its drive from olir lb tie'

our vt,otirce--, and who, upon tis as slaves. or •u:scri:Lf,: 4.•

6(111 tit,l ferliic rand, OliCt. Cradir iii Lit ilii.ttiti tttti III.; granary of It to reeciVi. frOill I lie first idcluclit of lit',-. " To arms, :■icilialls to arms! Tit, hour of our political enianciiiition 5 al

hand. thi thc first of onr glorious lite roil. erful British stationed at It lalta, u hi surround our eXtelisivo col -I_ nod proicet our ports front the disembarkation of th, niorcetiory houlos olio are enrolled under the do,ratled banners of the imbecile and prcsunipt nous rukr of Naples. 5,1c:iii-

wfdle, we will etatrohe our ancient ire will fornt N'oltintver corirS :

WC Will eStaldisil him ever y privt of the island ms national guard ; and, if our op-

pressors du not fly with precipitation at the first sight of our national standard, let ;them tremble while they recollect the Sicilian Vespers I Viva the independ- ence of Sicily ! Viva the Constitution! Viva King Charles: Viva England!"