2 MAY 1840, Page 7

The New Zealand Company's ship Bolton was spolien by the

Victoria, arrived at the Cape of Good Hope, in latitude 31 d'e'. 20 see. S., longi- tude 15 deg. 3 see. W. All well.

A French two-decker passed the Mauritius on the II.(th of January, going to the island of Bourbon, but its ulterior destination was not known ; it was, however, believed to lie latand to Nee Zenland, where the French intend to form an establishment. A report baying been made to the Governor in Council that a considerable quentity if opium is introduced and publicly sold in the colony daily. whieh C:171,'.-i amongst the Indians the most pernicious effects. and often excia, theat to dis- order, the Governor in Council has forl,i,.11,21) the sale of t:; I'm) as well as laudanum in the colony, on the penelty (a' its I Si and con- fiscated, as well as the destruction of the plant.—(

The Artemise French frigate. coma:ended by Cal has arrived ia the roads of Lorient, from the Steel: S-s.,.. i• ie years,

alrwnee on a voyage of discos err. Ma;:y taiv -1 ,::t.eantered, and several of the crew diol. The (;!1,1•S !I: a large

collection of shells, birds, and (ober r..re " . s. from

('shin China and the Pacific t S:ve: s: 1 az -Ye:n-

ub:es and young plants of tea have 1.1 the eteeervita:rl. s of the 'Maritime Pre.";e: .ee

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