2 MAY 1840, Page 8

Files of newspapers front most of the West India Islands,

and from British Guiana, have reunited us this mornieg. A cursory glance at their contents enahles us to say that they contain no news of import- ance; except tine in .L.maisua the prospects of the sugar-crops are not favourable, aud the (1efleiency in the current year is expected to be ierge. From Denierara and Trinidad the accounts are more promising. Our latest dates are the futh of March front darmica, the 6th from Guiana, and the Dith from Trinidad. These papers were brought by the Express packet, arrived at Fulmoutla

We have also papers front Sydney; to the 10111 December; from South Australia to the 9th November ; and from Westera Australia to time fad November. No news of general interest to the reader in England.