2 MAY 1840, Page 8


To-morrow being. the 1st of May, will be kEexir;tHAttNrt; 'IrMiluyRdsttn3A.vr:tt.''TtlElea''Snat'olc.k Exchange; there hying obly one other day in the year, namely the lot of No- VtIliber, that is so sanctified. We know not whether there be any mysterious connexion between the brokers unit jobbers of Capel Court and the sooty fru- temity that indac,s them both to hold their revels cm the sarae day, Out lee are quite eertein that the fineness of the weather has rendered the determinis- t:am to enjoy to•morrow universal. Money has heen very abundant during the week ; awl there have been con- tinued investments in the English Funds, by which the market was nearly cleared of stock. A quantity was, however, thrown upon it yesterday morn- ing ; and this circumstance, in conjunction with the reported commencement of hostilities against the Government of Naples, caused a depression of per cent. in the price of all the current varieties of Stock; but the various markets speedily recovered, and are to-day at the same quotations as before the decline. Bank Stock has been as low as I74i, but has recovered, and is to-day again quoted at 175 and 1751. India Stock has been nearly 1 per cent. below the Lightest prices of last week, it having been marked at 2491; but is to-day again at 250i, Exchequer Bills have improved from 3s. to 4s., and are to-day as

bi”11 as Vs. prem. No official notice has been issued by the Bank on the subject of the new re-

niotioa with respect to unstamped powers of attorney ; it is however under. ;mph that all documents of this description will in future be subject to the 14 mantp. i9a fillhket f surprise to many persons that the price of the English Foods continue so. steady while money is so very abundant ; but prices are kept down by a persuasion that the Chancellor of the Exchequer will be compelled to make a ban, or to fund Exchequer The amount required is variously swell, some (tarrying it as high as 8 or 10 millions, and others to not above half that extent. All uncertainty upon this subject will coon he removed, as the lin-mei:II statement of the Chatmellur has been prorohed immediately after Easter, and cannot therefore be long delayed. The high price of the French Fund which have risen very materially lately, has given currency to the various deseriptions of Europiroi Stocks pay' hg ilhideilds; awl although, from th,hituilkul amount held it: Eitgland, theta! Les ruthom any very extensive transactions in. Belgian, Russian, or Danish Str,,,,k, • 4 II e pric: a the two former have improved, Belgian la Mg mteted i Light it iii Ru,i-tt at Ill and 114[4, while Danish are stet*at. from 77?1 to 71. Dutch Bonds: litre also improved, and the 'Iwo-arid-a-Ira per Cents have been :15 high 83 51, but are rather !litter to .day. Brazilian are unchanged. There has been a demand for South Anteriean generolly, eml prices may lie cited about ,11 per cent. above those of week. There lc,s been hat Ii husinmst doing in Portuguese &midi, and pric,:s have varied but shi;ilitly frum oar hist mintat ion% Spit; 'It Active Las not been well supported. The market evince!!

[veldt:ma- during tin: early part of the week, and closed yesterdoy :."

Toulay is been forthnr depressed, and was at /me ti,ne :Or. 2s;tp It lee rallie ;lightly and at the close of luSinvSu was 1:1:e 4,,t H. • of tou:,:y cannot Le attributed to any scarcity of I11011Cy, 1..r that has tiutiiiiso pictitifed for a long tithe as et present : but a chmhherahln oatitit Stock 1V:IS thrown upon the market to-dov, to us Lich. tie; h • it:, I .2s,1, is attilluttable.

'Ills Las been settling-day at the Stock Exchange; hat the mil:,

WM thy of rCtlialli. WIN the abundance of toont.,-, alb; The it.rger !Est rii.819 of Railway Shares are gene7rall:.• : iii' f tn-hhty, although high as compared to smile of the

ilming the set ek, arc not above those at which they have ta.ceits!;.- • Ths, ihaostal fir Phacciell Sluires, to a huh va; 11111111Ni :11 oar last- re!, ,;•!. tinueli,:ttel they are tu-day about 1/. per Share :those her !;,.• t . Shares here ahu rct-overed the quotations at which t:. fact, and thrhot which they bad receded. Biightou are it rot r.)

per I411.irc above our last ; anul generoliv the of II Shareholders are certainly 1110re /I:Mt:ring than tit y have -tor.• • 'flue usual mon ti.:y statement of the Litilith s and .1 is ot the It

ugale its itimeera: As compared with the last stet-eh:eh t,

crease if 4;us,t11111/, in the mount of DeposIts, :i's7,0.1,1.

titles, and of I in that of the Bullion, the Cirel:!!i011 • creased to the ectent of 13011c/. There hes n some coc-1,1er.1,1.; transacted in the English Funds : some extensive sole., of .11 •, sae.% depressed the llirce-aml-a• half per Cents. ho!li ; , cent ; Consols oril iteduced being Ii on. Tioaa; 1,13 Contat13; hitt os the money was reparchased into the 1,n, ration has cot pr,41need much 'lrect. Exchemter Bills 111-'2 In the Forei;tt :Market, Columbian and Spanish 114-.4.:,_ I a :hot 1 per Cent. The Railway Shares are in demand : I,:; cc bccli ct prem., end are now 23 to 24 Brighton 7 dis., and 11I.;. :•etn. : the ether- cc: (tar last itt lees. cc. 1't 0'4

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