2 MAY 1840, Page 9


wAR.055P-E. 'gay . 1.4.14. (I:ands-Gen. 11■• Thai Sir 11'. Lumley,

11.1/.11 from 11,4 4:1, :,.• '',1. Iltto Sir B. Cane, dec. t1;t1

Sir .1, st. t: : : L. S.lu lacht Drag,t. to 11t. ('c1,Sc.,' NI %V, lamiley, appoint 48 4; -ne 1-; It: I, : 0,13. 4th Light Drags.-serg, t ham from the 15:11 1.1_1.! :11euat. oho ot3c11:111-et,- st11 I • 'If Drags.--Mtault..(1.:1. :u 7.: nth I u, t' ic .1. sivit aptioinica to 11th I): _, ,1-ii F".•Iti•Nlarsh.t.1 11:s lUtty I! Ilichness F. A. A. to E, Dube s l't ex,- or sase

mut G.c, t4, b.. .vies t't4;:144.t. Ai n1,4 13:11

Drags.-Stug. Monat. N1.11. front 1": • 4 it 1..t.dit Dit_.-• to Itt. i•'.. (1-11'0' ""-• who exuth loges. 1st Ite4l• ur Foot (ill a Reeve, tent It. "ttt Lastuat :Ilia Lieut.

pninhase, lice Atlix, promoted. re1tIstream Few 0: -.Ian •catl Ilion. 11,

1'. Mundy to but 1.Ittat :tad Capt. by latteltase. ice Lola NI. N.V. c ;tall:nut ‘01" 1•"' tires : l'ais",411 0, II„ II, Stom.rsei, tron, the 111.til It'outt • to bo Ens:::11 icc . Lient. by 13..1.- `1"•'`'. 3111"111 • 141h runt.-1.1ent. D. 51. Bethune to be .1ti.t . rico Brow oti4:;• Witt resi:dus the A.i;;;t liter tauly. 46th Foot.- to E. campbell. 'It.Itt It' I"' 1•••"'14''• without Mtlell:ISe, SalliVall, deo. 5211 Foot . .1. tl. 3 11'N is to I:,, c purehase, %ice Arluttlinott, who retires; It D. De wititon to he Lantt . ice put, Intse, ice .Iarvis; D. c:trtIon, (tont, to to. Elisign, by 1,110i:use, t its. 110 'Winton • 631 Vaud-- ',tent F. lt. Na.11, from the 78th Foot, to be Lieut. %.tee ul•

70,1, oa-lta,)•ntaster II. It. Idaeltenzio, front hal ty ef lite 7;•11 Ceot, to

he Fa)troadu•r, I hat t0101fra11,. dee. ;SI: Fo,1.-1.1eat. 1'. It, trent tho 63.1 Itota. to Ite MOIL. s'iCe Nash, who exeltatu4..,• Unatlitehell-Linot . N. Wrixon, freta the '21s1 Foot, to he ('al.). N1 ithOlit 11111.1.1:8' Errata in the Gati,etto oll• the 24111 of 1prul last.- 571It Foot -Fou. Payns,ter C. It ur• low, front the 55111 Feu'. to he Pa.smaster. i11■1 oil, appointed to the Etu t. is; ei Paymaster C. Barlow, from the 54t1, Feta, t., lu. PayMaster, 5jt.r' Nloore, an•Olat,,i to the Cut Foot. lfith FOOI-21111. date of the no:limit:shun of Ensign (1. Armstrehg 0 he t'fith, and nut the siti, April 1840, ()scree OF Dittovs.N.;st, April .41. -Royal ltegt. of Artillery--Col. Sir 11. 1). It 'us. KALB. to be Deputy Ailit-i[en. %ice Niajov-Gen. Sir A. Diekson, deceased.