2 MAY 1840, Page 9



MANY objects please the eye in a state of motion, which, when at rest and subjected to a leisurely examination, disappoint the ex- pectation altogether. This is natural; for motion, like the moon, " sets off the face of things"; and nv:ch on the same principle. Observe that the poet throws in the word s off the face of that is, being shadowy, or by of its it sets them off; it sets them off in fact as cc, nt ny what it confuses or con- ,.el, a, I rut-111,1e of tie

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all elegance and interest - we readily roi,:take for their own. Sorely are we ,,:.:tten 1 the charms of some fair dame,

who, with hendiny, tv-.: in her carriage : alas! , there is an in the Park: we are up with the carriage before this !, can he we turn to leek—the

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(„hinery of government, the :;. f those who, instead of driving our one

road or another, are; for keepi::: l't?, at flee ,10e,r, for an idle mob to gather I-. • :: . ler, cry- ing "is h: ; the coach

Who can deny that then? • I.:* sharp, scrutinizing investigation into th-I rnment carried on an.o;!:-: thy hc.:; !•l• last

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" dead halt." They say to t11,.-,11,..1' t ' g,o,"—in other words, a natior..-:1

and an executive government ..s cc and " execute" the busin2s:.

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resentment in tit:

means of justice to all, must be inspired into the minds of the masses—which is impossible while they are well nigh excluded from the pale of its protection, their wants and necessities being nowhere represented nor possessed of the slightest force or authority ; or we must make up our minds to approximate with more or less violence to new forms of government.

Amongst the points of difference which distinguish man from the beast even this one is worthmotice. A herd of cattle is best driven from behind—the drover's whip cracks ever from the rearward : but a mass of human beings must be conducted by a leader—if you would guide their movements to any good purpose, you must place yourself at their head. Oh, then, for a leader—for a headsman! Is there none wise enough, none powerful enough, none ambitions enough, to head the present movement, and, by heading, to temper and control it ? Surely some one is at length forthcoming from the ranks of men to fulfil this destiny ? Showers of immortal honour be ready to light on the head of such a man I But wo, wo on those who lag behind the age and yet pretend to rule it, for the thing they pretend is impossible.