2 MAY 1931, Page 2

Rumania M. Titulescu's resignation was the immediate and inevitable sequel

to his failure to form a Cabinet acceptable to the Nationalist-Peasant party, which has a big majority in both houses of Parliament. King Carol can hardly have been unaware of this when he insisted on the inclu- sion of the unpopular M. Argetoianu. Professor Iorga, his new Premier and his old tutor, a historian with a honorary degree from Oxford, and his picked administra- tion of non-party experts, have a hard task before them. Besides the troubles of a corn-exporting country the new Government faces evils of administrative corruption on a scale hardly paralleled on this side of the Atlantic. The examples of its predecessors' failures may prove to be the saving clause in the lease of life granted to it by the country. The King is hardly likely to risk forcing the transition from a virtual to a titular dictatorship. The rggimes of the last two generations have made it abun- dantly clear that a spade by any other name will dig as well.