2 MAY 1931, Page 34

Answers to Questions on Jane Austen

1. (a) Philip ; (b) Fitzwilliam ; (c) Hannah.-2. Innkeeper (the Crown Highbury), Housekeeper (to Mrs. Bennet), Lady's maid (to Lady Bertram), Lady's maid (to Lady C. de Bourgh), Draper (Highbury), Companion (to Lady C. de. Bourgh), Curate, Captain in Army, Clerk, midshipman.-3. (a) Mrs. Bennet said it of Charlotte Lucas ; (b) Mary Crawford said it of Dr. Grant ; (c) Frank Churchill at the Donwell Abbey picnic; • (d) Mrs. Jennings of Elinor and Marianne on their journey.-4. William Price, Catherine Morland, Edmund Bertram, Mr. Gardiner Willoughby ; Harriet Smith and Robert Martin ; Harry Dashwood.-5. Louisa Musgrove on the Cobb, Lyme Regis, and Jane Fairfax, boating at Weymouth.-6. There are more than eight mentioned, some, e.g., Garcliners and Perrys, not by Christian names. I had in mind Enuno.'s five nephews and nieces (Henry, John, Bella, George, Emma Knightley) ; Harry Dashwood ; Tom, Charles and Betsey Price ; Charles and Walter Musgrove, and Anna-Maria Middleton. Instances of spoiling : Lady M. with Anna-Maria ; Mary Musgrove with Charles and Walter ; Mrs. Price with Betsey. Emma Watson danced with little Charles Blake at the ball

7. (a) Mrs. Elton ; (b) (Edmund Bertram to) Fanny Price ; (c) Nancy Steele ; (d) Lydia Bonnet; (e) Mrs. Allen ; (f) Henry Tibaey.

8. (a) Donwell Lane ; (b) Pemberley ; (c) approach to Sother- ton ; (d) Beechen Cliff, Bath.-9. Not stated ; a much discussed problem, her likely partners being otherwise disposed of.- 10. Marianne Dashwood and Fanny Price.-11. Mrs. Elton and Emma to Jane Fairfax (" full many a flower" etc.).-12. Tom Musgrove (The Watsons). Lady Bertram. Louisa Musgrove and Mary Crawford.-13. Colonel Brandon and Willoughby. Elinor Dashwood.